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Conference Organization

The conference focuses on the CLIVAR program’s successes and future challenges. These include consideration of the broader climate research environment and how best to contribute the knowledge, products, and information brought about by CLIVAR to those who could best use it in decision- and policy-making.

The Conference is comprised of a series of half-day sessions focused on specific themes (program):
Short-term (seasonal-to-interannual) prediction
The monsoon systems
The challenge of decadal prediction
Understanding long-term climate variations
The role of the oceans in climate
Human influence on climate
CLIVAR science and societal benefits
Future challenges for CLIVAR

Each session will highlight the accomplishments, breadth, and challenges of its respective theme through the presentation of a stimulating white paper developed by an expert international team, followed by invited presentations on more specific issues.
A major feature of each session will be the viewing of posters, which will provide an opportunity for CLIVAR scientists from all over the world to meet and discuss the latest developments in the field with their colleagues.

To make the best use of available time and because of the anticipated large number of abstract submissions, all contributed papers will be in the form of posters.


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